Monday, November 14, 2016

I Have Decided to Bring Back This Blog

I erased the contents of "Masturbation is Beautiful almost seven years ago. I had become too wrapped up in my masturbation habit and needed a break.

However, masturbation is such a large part of who I am, of my sexual identity, that I needed another outlet. I have done several blogs by this name on Tumblr as a way to fill the void. However, they ended up becoming nothing more than photo dumps. Nothing wrong with that ( I LOVE to masturbate to the photos on Tumblr sites!), but I want to display something more intelligent that will provoke thought and acceptance of our masturbation habits. I will throw in some pictures here but this blog will be much more literary than anything else.

What do I like to masturbate to? I LOVE masturbating over my female friends and acquaintances most of all. I have so many sexual fantasies about them, but they are fantasies probably best not realized. By masturbating over my female friends I am enjoying their beauty in the most physical way possible without the encumbrance of romantic relationships and physical contact. When not masturbating to my friends, I enjoy "amateur" sites with normal, everyday women the most. They don't necessarily have to be nude sites for me to enjoy. I really get off often on the contests on and
I also enjoy the clothing catalogues like Boston Proper, Talbots and Victoria's Secret that my wife Cheryl gets in the mail. Art-porn sites also are a favorite of mine. I love the beauty of the photography as well as the sexuality of the models.

I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to admit I LOVE masturbating with other men, and often masturbate to them. I don't consider myself gay, although I do identify as bi-sexual or pan-sexual. I'm not interested in the gay lifestyle beyond sexual activity. Nothing wrong with the gay lifestyle, if that's what you are into. It is just not me. When I have sexual relations with a man, I look at it in the context of helping another masturbator achieve satisfaction. I really enjoy the feel of another masturbator's cock in my hands, the feeling of his tight and full testicles as I pleasure him.
I enjoy the feel of a penis on my tongue as I run my lips up and down its length, the feel of tender testicles in my mouth, and even the feel and taste of a penis and its pre-cum and semen as I take it in my mouth.
I view my cock-sucking as an extension of masturbating: I'm masturbating someone with my lips and my tongue, and it is a beautiful thing to share. I also enjoy being in another masturbator's mouth, and also view it as an extension of mutual masturbation. Pressing my body against another male masturbator and rubbing cocks is another favorite for me.

My name, as given is this blog, is "In Love With Kate Moss." I have such a wonderful masturbation crush on her, and she, along with Eva Longoria,
are my favorite masturbation muses. You can also find my posts under this name at in their contributors section. I really don't masturbate to "commercial porn" that much, although I adore Nina Hartley and Christy Canyon. I really enjoy masturbating to them, especially as they have gotten older.

So sit back and relax, get out your cock or slide your hand down to your clitoris as we explore this wonderful aspect of sexuality!

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