Wednesday, November 23, 2016

MILF Christy Gets Me Thinking About Feet and Masturbation

I was coming down the hall, carrying some papers, when I heard the familiar “thwack, thwack” sound that flip-flops make when slapping against someone’s feet. “I hope that’s Christy,” I thought to myself. Christy, the tall, blonde, mid-30’s MILF that manages this office building. In warm weather, she almost always wears sandals or flip-flips. The beautiful, sexy frame created by the feminine bones of her feet always stir my cock. I masturbate quite often with her image running through my mind.

I got close to where the sound was coming from, another hallway off to the left. As I was about to turn, I almost ran straight into my beautiful masturbation muse.

“Whoa, I’m sorry,” we both said as we laughed after having nearly knocked each other over.
Another thought crossed my mind: I had hit the masturbatory motherlode with Christy! She was going out to play tennis and was wearing a sports bra under a tank-top; very short, tight shorts; and sported very bare flip-flops on her pretty feet. Her toes were tipped with pink polish and curved and gripped her footwear with each step. I assume she would put on her tennis shoes when she got to the courts and I thought what a shame it is to cover up such a lovely vision.

After she passed by, I turned to watch her sexy ass sashay down the hall and out the door. I hurried to my office, shut the door, sat behind my desk, pulled my pants down to my ankles, and masturbated to a delicious, pleasurable orgasm thinking of the beautiful face, legs and feet that had just crossed my path. I had to be careful not to be too loud as I moaned Christy’s name.

As I cleaned up the sweet-smelling masturbatory mess I had made all over my office chair I started wondering: “What is it about feet that makes them sexually attractive?”
I’m not really into feet as sexual objects themselves. I like feet in the context of a complete, beautiful woman. Christy usually wears her blonde hair in a bun on top of her head, a nice cap to her blue eyes and beautiful cheekbones that she accents with her glasses. My gaze will go down to her nice, firm breasts; those long, sexy legs; then down to those gorgeous feet. Those sexy toes cap off the vision for me. When I am masturbating to Christy, I often imagine her from head to toes, reaching the most pleasurable part of my session when my mind reaches her pretty pedicure. It is the total picture that brings me masturbatory pleasure, not just the feet themselves.

However, I realize that many people do consider feet a sexual object in themselves. There are numerous definitions for “foot fetish”. The online Urban Dictionary defines the term as: “The pure admiration or sexual attraction of barefeet. Usually pertaining to men who can become sexually aroused from the sight of any part of women's feet(including, toes, arches and soles. ”Wikipedia calls it “… a pronounced sexual interest in the feet”. A 2013 article in Psychology Today states: “There is very strong evidence that the male brain comes wired with a biological predisposition to attending to feet.” There’s quite a bit of both empirical and anecdotal evidence suggesting we have something innate that draws us to beautiful feet as a sexual object, even if the feet are not themselves part of any sex act.

For me? Pretty feet are just an extension of human beauty. When I think about the women I masturbate to the most, I realize just about all of them have pretty, sexy feet and I include those feet in my masturbation fantasies. My best friend Liz, my tailgate buddies Tina and Sheryl, my blonde friend Kathleen, yacht club pal Jolie, trop rock fan and busty bud Debbie – they all have nice legs and sexy feet that figure prominently when I masturbate over them. When I masturbate to Kate Moss and Eva Longoria (and just about any other celeb muse), I usually use pictures of them with bare feet or in barely-there sandals.

I must add right here that a pretty smile is just about as important for me as pretty feet, maybe more so. It’s all part of the complete package.

Even gay men are said to have a foot fetish preponderance. That’ is something that rarely attracts me when I masturbate to or with my fellow male masturbators. For me, it’s just the beauty of the male genitalia that I find attractive although nice male legs are also a turn-on. Perhaps I am not typical, and research suggests I am not. Many gay porn sites feature men’s feet and comments on posts suggest they are an attractive magnet for gay and bisexual masturbators.

Who am I to really worry about “why”? All I know is that pretty feet on a lovely woman with a nice smile can send me into a masturbation frenzy. As I write this, we are deep into autumn here. It has been weeks since women in my part of the world have been regularly walking around in flip-flops an bare sandals, showing off the beauty of their lower extremities. I still take in Christy’s high-cheekbone smile when I walk in the building every day and watch her walk down the hall, dreaming of cumming over her sexy face ass. However, it’s really not the same without a daily dose of those pretty feet or her sexy legs.

Christy and my other muses keep me longing and looking forward to Spring!

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