Wednesday, November 30, 2016

MASTURBATION HERO!! Nina Hartley: My favorite pornstar and a masturbation queen!

I'm really not wild about commercial porn. Just not my thing. I prefer masturbating to people I know, women on the street and that internet phenomenon known as "amateur porn." I don't even need to see the sex part of "porn". I just enjoy seeing the pretty ladies (and some guys) who enjoy showing off, especially when they masturbate.

However, I have a porn-exception for Nina Hartley!

Born Marie Louise Hartman, the 57-year-old Hartley is an adult film star, women's advocate, sexy educator, and an avowed and enthusiastic masturbator. I see some guys post in forums that Nina has gotten too old to work in the industry and pose nude, but I think those guys must be wanking to someone else. Nina is a sexy as ever. Besides, intelligence is sexy. Masturbation is sexy. Put it all together and you have Nina Hartley.

In her book Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex, Nina devotes an entire chapter to masturbation. The Library Review writes: "With Levine, her husband and collaborator, Hartley translated her 22 years as an adult film star into a series of sex education videos. Now again with Levine's assistance, she puts her expertise into print. Her well-written guide is strong on both safe sex and a permissive approach and includes substantial sections on toys, swinging, three-ways, dominance/submission, and erotic spanking-in addition to the usual topics. In general, she handles the material frankly, accurately, and with sensitivity. Her anatomical descriptions are excellent, as are the tips on sharing masturbation, coping with uncomfortably sized genitalia, and why not to make love like a porn star (porn sex is heavily edited, unsafe, unrealistic, and performed by people accustomed to unusual activities)."

Nina has been featured in various other articles and on webcasts discussing and displaying masturbation techniques and how to introduce a partner to masturbation. She is totally comfortable with the idea of self-pleasure. I guess it figures from a woman who has made a living by inducing others to masturbate but I have never seen such an eloquent spokesperson for the art of sexual enjoyment. This, along with her obvious female charms, makes her such a good masturbation muse for me. Nina is the first in my "Masturbation Hero" series of salutes.

Guys, let's get our cocks out (girls, get ready to massage those clits) and give the beautiful, smart and talented Ms. Hartley a masturbatory salute right now!

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