Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dr. Lindsey Doe and "Sexplanations"

When I was perusing the internet recently for information about masturbation, I came across (yes, quite literally! lol) the Youtube series "Sexplanations" with Dr. Lindsey Doe. Dr. Doe is a very cute 30-something sex educator who is cute as a button. Not only has she become a masturbation muse for me, her series has become must viewing. If you are interested in learning about human sexuality in a low-key, fun manner then watch "Sexplanations." (Of course, the hot linking feature on blogger is not working so you need to copy and paste the links!)


Of course, there are a three episodes about masturbation! I have to admit I have watched them several times and have masturbated each time! Although not trying to be titillating, Lindsey is so much fun to watch and so cute that I can't keep my hands off my cock! However, the information contained in the web series is quite serious and quite good. Dr. Doe often quotes stats and observations that come from respected sex researchers and explains things in a straightforward, comfortable manner. She also goes over the physiology of sexual function, helping us to understand why our bodies do what they do.

A mother of three, Dr. Doe has a BS in psychology From the University of Montana and a Masters Degree in Health and Human Performance from the same school. She received a PHD from Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Fransisco in 2007. For eight years, she taught a popular Human Sexuality course at the University of Montana until her adjunct professor position was cute for budgetary reasons. She still lectures on various college campuses and works almost full time on "Sexplanations," which updates about once per week.

The three episodes about masturbation are fun to watch and to masturbate to. I was kind of hoping she might address the issue of masturbation addiction, since many of us struggle with addiction. She does briefly touch on sexual dependency in a video about the affects of porn, but ever so briefly.

Still, give Sexplanations a watch. There is also a companion Patreon site that has buttons for a Facebook page and Twitter account. https://www.patreon.com/sexplanations

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