Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Caught masturbating by Denise at Seven Springs

I only consider myself an exhibitionist as far as I like to be seen by people who might be into exhibitionism and voyeurism. I try and respect the comfort zones of those who might not want to unexpectedly see a naked person engaged in solo-lovemaking.

Still, I masturbate often enough and in enough places that sometimes I get caught. And I’ve found that most of the time, the reaction of those doing the catching has not been negative. This story takes place at Seven Springs, PA about 17 years ago in a ski condo. I was there with my wife, her friend Denise (not her real name) and about six other people. We were spending a long weekend skiing and hanging out together.

Of my wife’s friends, Denise is a favorite in that she is a very good masturbation fantasy for me. Currently age 51, Denise has long dark-auburn hair, a slender but shapely figure, a very cute ass that fits nicely into ski pants, long legs she often shows off, and sexy, slender feet that are equally as beautiful in summer sandals or sliding bare across the condo floor, and a pretty slender face with a seductive smile. She and I get along really well, very much like brother and sister; it sometimes makes my wife jealous.

One night at the condo, everyone had gone to bed but I was a little restless so I went downstairs while the others were asleep. There was a Harper’s Bazaar magazine on the island counter in the kitchen, and it had a photo spread on the girls in “Sex and the City.”

The girls from “Sex” have long been masturbation favorites of mine. Sexy program with sexy babes! I especially like Sarah Jessica Parker but all of the women on that show have provided me with masturbatory relief at some time. As snow swirled outside near midnight, I found myself alone downstairs in the ski condo with pictures of this lovely foursome spread out before me. I gazed at the pictures of their seductive smiles, their sexy legs, and their pretty feet peeking out from strappy shoes, and began to feel that lovely urged to pleasure myself to their beauty.

All I had on was a t-shirt and underwear. I reached into my underwear and began caressing my penis. Soon, my erection was springing to life. Pleasure was coursing through my penis as I gazed at photo after photo. I was thinking that these photos were shot for a female audience for Harper’s. I wondered if any women were pleasuring themselves to the “Sex” girls. I smiled thinking that surely there were many other men doing the same at that very moment. My penis was now erect, and I started pumping my cock in a slow and steady rhythm. My underwear had dropped down around my ankles and I slipped out of them, entirely. Everyone else was in bed, so I thought.

I heard a noise and looked up. Denise was coming down the stairs which overlooked the entire ground floor of the condo! I froze as she turned and walked into the kitchen! I was behind the island, so I was blocked from her view from the waist down. However, when she was on the stairs she could have looked to her left and down into the kitchen and quite plainly seen what I was doing. At this point, I didn’t think she had.

I quickly pulled my hand away from my throbbing, pleasure-filled cock. Denise walked in, smiled “hi” and asked me what I was doing up. “Came down to get a drink,” I said nervously as I stood there, naked from waist down but pressing myself behind the counter to try and block her view. My cock was throbbing and erect, and pictures of Sarah Jessica, Cynthia, Kristin and Kim were open before me. As she walked to the fridge to get a drink, she could have turned around and seen me there naked with my hard cock but she didn’t. She got a drink and came over to the side of the island and we made small talk across the counter. She looked down at the magazine open before me and smiled.

“Watcha readin’?” Denise asked cheerfully.

“Ah, just something that was laying here.” I gulped as I said it. Had I been nabbed? Did she see me pumping my cock? Did she realize I was naked from the waste down behind the kitchen Island, a mere two feet from where she was standing? Would she tell the rest of the condo that she had caught me masturbating in the kitchen to pictures out of Harper’s Bazaar?

We made small talk for a few minutes. I had casually turned the pages of the magazine, noticing that Denise had noticed what I was looking at. I looked at her pretty face and noticed the slight wrinkles of her cute smile as she saw me turning the pages past pictures of pretty women.

“I’ve got to go back to bed.” She turned and put her glass in the sink. “Good night! See you tomorrow.”

Denise turned and walked toward the stairs. She had on a long nightie, one that a teen girl might wear to a slumber party. It showed off her slender, coltish legs. Her pretty bare feet padded along the floor, her red-painted toenails peeking out to me as her feet arched as she walked. My cock, which had never fully gone flaccid – I was nervous but still fairly aroused by all of this – was hardening back to full erection.

As Denise got to the bottom of the steps, she turned and said, with this WEG, “You can go back to doing what you were doing,” and giving a slight giggle, scampered up the steps.

She HAD seen me!!! I was at the same time horrified and thrilled. I love to masturbate and love knowing others know I do it! I love for them to see me. But as I said in the opening, I’m not out to offend unsuspecting people. I wasn’t trying to expose myself and my masturbation to my pretty friend Denise. I wasn’t sure how this would play out. Would she tell my wife I was downstairs beating my meat, instead of being upstairs fucking her? Would she announce it to the rest of the condo at breakfast in the morning?

As the next day dawned, nothing was out of the ordinary. Breakfast came and went. Denise was cheerful, conversation was normal and everyone in the condo went about the business of enjoying a wonderful ski weekend with friends. Cheryl, my wife, is a couple of notches below Denise and I in skiing ability, so Denise and I skied together most of the day while Cheryl went off with other friends.

It was a normal day skiing with my pal Denise. We followed each other through the trails at Seven Springs. I watched her pretty rear as she slalomed in front of me. Her sexy laugh and smile entertained me at lunch. The whole time, I wondered if she was thinking what I was thinking. Whenever she looked at me, was her mind filled with the image of near-naked me in the kitchen with my cock in my hand?

She’s never said anything more about catching me that night. She’s kind of like a sister figure but I always think of that time and masturbate to her. I masturbate to her anyway because she’s so darned cute and sex, but that episode in the ski condo always gets me even harder, always moaning Denise’s name when I masturbate to her.

I wonder what Denise does when she thinks about that ski weekend?:)~

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