Saturday, June 17, 2017

When I first met Liz: A masturbation anniversary, of sorts.

This week mark’s a masturbation anniversary of sorts for me.

It was 23 years ago this week that I met one of my favorite BFF’s: “Elizabeth”. Not only is Liz one of my best friends, she’s my number-one masturbation muse. I probably masturbate to her more than any other woman, and after 23 years the masturbation is just as good as when it started.

I don’t think it’s good for me to post a picture of her here, but I will give you a description and explain how I’ve come to call her “Liz” (Or Elizabeth) on these pages. She looks very much like rock star Liz Phair. They have the same kind of chestnut-blonde hair and a similar frame. Both Liz Phair and “my” Liz have nice legs and sexy feet, firm breasts, cute asses, and nice smiles. My Liz is about two inches taller than the 5’2″ Ms. Phair. Both ladies have nice shoulders, and look oh-so-good in tank tops!

I sometimes masturbate to pics of Liz Phair, but often end up thinking of my Elizabeth instead. Then, I have to find pictures of MY Liz to wank to! And it always feels so good.

I first met My Liz after I contacted a lady named Charla to inquire about becoming a crew member on a racing sailboat. That sport had always interested me, and I heard Charla ran a data-base of skippers looking to pair-up single sailors with boats needing crew. Charla gave my name to Liz, then called me back and told me to show up on Wednesday night at a marina and meet up with a particular boat owned by a guy named Murray. However, I was supposed to find a woman named Elizabeth first as she was the crew coordinator.

I got to the marina a little early and stopped at the bath house to use the bathroom. I could hear the voice of a young woman coming from the ladies room next door.

“I think we have six of our regulars tonight, and we are supposed to have this new guy named Tim.”

Gee. It’s good they know I’m coming, I thought to myself. Immediately I was intrigued by the voice, and couldn’t wait to see the woman it belonged to.

I wasn’t disappointed. The voice was Elizabeth’s. Cute package like I described above. She hadad her hair in a pony tail. Liz was fairly serious about her job as crew coordinator, but still quite friendly. I met her outside the bathhouse and introduced myself. She introduced me to Murray and the rest of the crew. They were a friendly bunch, and I looked forward to sailing with them. But what was coursing through my mind the moment this masturbator laid eyes on Liz? I couldn’t wait to go masturbate to her!

Liz and I became fast friends that summer. She was dating a long-time boyfriend, this guy named Deiter. It turned out we had some mutual friends, so we all got along very well. I had just begun dating the woman who was to become my wife, so I wasn’t looking to date Liz or hook up. But masturbating to her became such a pleasurable pastime!

As the years have gone by Liz has remained one of my best, perhaps my best friend. She and Deiter broke up a few years after we all met. I married Cheryl, and Liz has become a favorite friend of hers, too. I don’t think Cheryl masturbates to Liz, but she knows I am masturbatorially infatuated with her and she tolerates it. (You don’t live with a masturbator like me and not figure these things out!) Cheryl does not seem threatened by Liz, even though I end up spending a lot of time with her sailing and doing other stuff. Liz is much like a sister to me, and I love her so much in that way.

But Liz’s girl-next-door beauty and charm always seems to get me reaching for my penis. Seldom does a day go buy when I’m not masturbating for at least a few minutes to Liz’s smile and blue eyes; to those square, sexy shoulders; those perky breasts; those cute legs attached to that nice ass; those sexy feet with a nice pedicure and pink-painted toes in summer flip-flops. I probably reach orgasm over her at least once per week, and usually many times more.

I have a bunch of pictures of Liz that I will look at when I am masturbating at the computer. Most show Liz in shorts, tank-top, flip-flops, and sometimes bare feet. Other pics show Liz in ski clothes, or with just her pretty smile. I cum hard to all of them. I love every inch of my muse.

Does Liz know I am a masturbation fiend and that she is fuel for my bate sessions?

Well, she might.

I won’t go into the whole story here, but a few years ago some douche bag of a person recognized me on-line at a photo sharing site where I post pictures of myself masturbating and decided she would “out” me (see my story about Cammie, elsewhere in this blog: ) . I had posted pictures of a lot of female friends and other people I masturbate over. Nothing graphic but if you were one of my “family” contacts and saw the pics of me jacking off, you came away with the impression that I was masturbating to everyone on my photo stream. She contacted many, if not all, of the women I had posted and told them I had a private area with my masturbation pics, etc., and informed them about what I was doing over their pictures!

I don’t know if Liz actually saw the pics of me with my cock in my hand, but I heard she did see her pics on my site in the public area. She only has ever said one thing about it. We were having lunch and she looked at me and said, “No more pictures for a while, OK?” I turned red and realized what she meant as I nodded yes. She’s never mentioned it again.

After 23 years, I still love Liz and still masturbate to her a lot. Would we ever hook-up for sex? I’ve thought about that a lot. I would do it with her. Not to become romantically involved, but because she is my friend and I want to share and bring her pleasure.

And you can be certain that if we did get naked together for some fucking and sucking, there would be plenty of mutual and solo masturbation involved in our encounter!

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